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Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar, spanish for "Crown of the Sea", is a beautiful and quaint neighborhood in Newport Beach. Admire the beautiful landscaping and the stunning architecture of the houses that line the neighborhood streets. Stroll the flower lined streets, poke around the shops, and embrace the neighborhood charm in our Corona Del Mar rentals. Get a bite to eat at one of the adorable bakeries and dine at the delicious restaurants.

Corona Del Mar is a great place for kids with easy access to Corona Del Mar State Beach. Walk across the historic Goldenrod Footbridge and you'll end up at Look Out Point which is one of the most picturesque viewing spots in Newport Beach. Enjoy the incredible ocean views of Balboa Peninsula and the world famous surf spot, The Wedge.

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2204.5 Waterfront Dr.



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310 1/2 Iris Ave.



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512 Larkspur Ave.



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