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Explore Huntington Beach - Surfer's Paradise


Newport Beach's friendly neighbor to the north is Surf City USA or more formally known as Huntington Beach. This beautiful seaside city features some of the finest beaches, restaurants, and vacation rentals on the west coast. It's a city that truly has it all. Are you looking for a Huntington Beach vacation rental? Let us help you find the rental of your dreams!

History of Huntington Beach

Back in the 1880's, the land that is now Huntington Beach primary was ranch land and was used to grow barley crops and to raise cattle and horses. In 1889, it was known as Shell Beach and a small group of settlers occupied this land. The named changed once more in 1901 when P.A. Stanton had the desire and dream to build a city which he called Pacific City which would be grander and better than the popular Atlantic City on the East Coast. The famous Huntington Pier was originally constructed in 1904. The real estate development company, Huntington Beach Company, took control and changed the name to what we know it to be today Huntington Beach in 1909 and the city didn't truly flourish until the life changing oil boom in 1920. The population grew exponentially due to the large oil deposit and even after the oil derricks were cleared out, thousands of people continued to flock to Huntington Beach and turned the city into one of the most desirable places to live like still is today. 


Huntington Beach Beaches

It is no question that Huntington Beach is known for it's incredible weather and sandy beaches. Sun worshipers come from all over the world (over 11 million people each year) to spend time exploring and relaxing on the 5 different public beaches making up over 10 miles of sand. Play a competitive game of volleyball with friends, go surfing in the ocean, have a picnic right on the sand, take a beach side bike ride, have a beach bonfire, and end everyday by watching the sun set over the ocean. These award winning beaches are exactly like the ones you see in travel magazines and clip to your fridge during the cold winter months. It's true Huntington Beach really does have it all. 

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Surfing in Huntington Beach

The most popular sport in Huntington Beach is without question, surfing, and dates back to 1925 when Duke Kahanamoku, a native from Hawaii, introduced this sport to the community. It didnt take long to catch on, and the first surf shop in the city opened. This surf shop, Gordie's Surf Boards proudly still stands in downtown Huntington Beach. Duke is known today as the father of modern surfing and had nick names "The Duke" and "The Big Kahuna". When the Surfing Championships were held in Huntington Beach in 1954, this marked the pivitol point when the city became known as surfers paradise and later the USA Surf Team claims Huntington Beach as it's official home. The consistent swell beckons swimmers, surfers, and boogie boarders alike, and its no question that Huntington Beach is pure paradise for all.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

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