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Catch the Wave - Newport's Top 5 Surfspots

The Wedge

This is the most famous surf spot in Newport Beach, and when it comes to the art of bodysurfing, possibly the world. The Wedge is named for it's unique wave formation. Located at the end of the Peninsula, the Wedge is formed when a side wave comes bouncing off the jetty to meet the incoming swell, wedging together to create an A-frame wave face with great speed, tremendous size and extreme power. These powerful shorebreak waves crash in just a few feet of water, and are very dangerous. The Wedge is mainly a spectator's treat where people line up on the sand berm to watch the talents of such surfers as Mike Stewart, Kelly Slater, and our very own Wedge Crew. The Wedge is open only to bodysurfing from May to October. When the blackball flag is raised, no boards of any kind are allowed and only the most experienced should venture into its waters.

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56th Street River Jetties

River Jetties is located at the mouth of the Santa Ana River, at the border of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach at 74th Street. Just eighteen streets to the south, 56th Street reigns as king over the Newport surf scene. In between is a wide-open expanse of beach approximately 3/4 mile long, unobstructed by the rock jetties found in most of west Newport. This makes for very strong side-shore currents and riptides, and can be a treacherous place to swim during a big swell. Hosts to many amateur and pro surf contests, these offshore breaks are very fast and powerful, making the short board the surfboard of choice.

The Point
The Point is located just south of the Newport Pier at 18th Street. Before the rock jetties were put in by the Army Corps in the 1960's to prevent the massive longshore sand migration happening all through upper-west Newport, winter storms would push the sand from west Newport south toward the Newport Pier. There, the sand would accumulate, forming The Point in front of the 18th Street, before falling in the deepwater trench just offshore. Due to the rock jetties in upper-west Newport much of the sand build-up has disappeared however. The Point still offers up a fabulous point break when a strong Southern Hemi rolls through. 


Named after the local bar, Blackie's is located just north of the Newport Pier, between 20th and 28th. Blackie's is a longboarder's paradise during a good winter storm. Primarily west facing with a deepwater trench offshore to the south, Blackie's only breaks when there is a west or northwest swell. This makes Blackie's primarily a winter break but you can occasionally catch a wave or two in the summer. Just beware of black ball and the crowds. 


A Street

A Street, located just south of the Balboa Pier, is known for it's powerful shorebreak and very steep beach; a mecca for talented skimboarders and bodysurfers alike. Don't be fooled y the apparent ease with which the local surfers skim the powerful surf here. The learning curve is even steeper than the beach and serious injury can occur. However, for those with some experience, A Street can provide a thrilling ride that can't be matched. If you happen to be visiting during a large swell, be sure to watch the skimboarders bravado and skill and if your're lucky you may just see a pier scraper. Just don't stray near the water's edge. 


Published on Wednesday, October 21, 2015