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Be More Adventurous in 2017

“New Year, New You.” We hear that a lot when a new year is on the horizon. Many people make a list of resolutions to try to keep for the year in an effort to improve in some way. Some resolutions are for curbing bad habits like no more fast food or sodas, or have less alcohol, etc. Some are big goals like lose X amount of weight, make more money, buy a house. This year, let’s set some exciting goals. We’re tired of the same old thing that usually gets dropped a few months in. For 2017, let’s be adventurous!

Take a roadtrip - How often have you heard someone talk about a big roadtrip they have planned and it ends up being along the west coast? Or a trip TO the west coast? Everyone does it because there are so many amazing sights! Yosemite National Park, Channel Islands, Redwoods National Park, Mount Hood – these are all incredible wonders of the world and attract people from all over to see year-round. Grab a friend, make a playlist, and pack your bags for that roadtrip you were destined to take this year.

Try a new sport – With endless streaming possibilities from Netflix and Hulu, some of us may spend more time inside than ever. This year, try something new. If you like being in the water, take up surfing, paddleboarding, or snorkeling. These might take a few times to get the hang of but give it a chance and you might have a new favorite hobby. If you like biking, check out local parks and get a good route going with great views to keep you going. Being outdoors and getting more active will make you feel better all around!

Take a real vacation – This one might not sound adventurous but when was the last time you took a real vacation? This doesn’t count visiting family during the holidays or going out of town for a company event. We are talking about renting a nice beach house with a group of friends without any obligations or itinerary, just relaxing and having fun. There’s a ton of reasons you might put this off – you’re trying to be responsible and save money, you’re saving vacation time for emergencies, you hate having fun…Well, forget all that and just book your beach trip for once! You won’t regret it. 

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals are available for your ideal beach home or an overnight stop on your big roadtrip. Start planning today and make this the year of adventure! 

Published on Thursday, December 29, 2016