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Go Bananas for Balboa Island Frozen Bananas


If you have ever been to Balboa Island I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people (both tourists and locals) snacking on frozen bananas dipped in everything imaginable. The tasty tradition began in the 1940’s and has since been enjoyed by thousands. Try it for yourself when you stay in one of our Newport Beach Vacation Rentals. 

History of the Balboa Island Banana Stand 

Don Philips, the original frozen banana  inventor, opened “The Original Frozen Banana” on Balboa Peninsula, but this stand was eventually closed by the health department. Bob Teller, who had also sold frozen bananas at a state fair in Arizona, jumped at the offer to buy this newly empty space for only $125 and reopened the doors to showcase such a crowd pleasing product. Teller was able to maximize his profits by selling his frozen treats in Disneyland and all over Southern California to reach a total of 70 shops. Teller later sold the company to his insurance broker, Emory Frank, and put his time and effort into “Bob’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream”. This chain sold his other delicious claim to fame: the Balboa Bar - a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Double yum!


What is a Frozen Banana 

Go ahead and take a bite of the famous frozen treat so you know what the fuss is all about. Select the size of the banana and you’ve been warned…they don’t mess around. The large is LARGE. Try the classic take of a banana dipped in chocolate (specially-made, proprietary chocolate) and rolled in nuts or if you’re feeling adventures there’s heath, sprinkles, and so much more. Once you have your self designed banana in your hand prepare yourself for total banana bliss. A day on Balboa Island in your Balboa Island vacation rental is not complete without a Frozen Banana.

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Published on Tuesday, May 3, 2016