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A Day in Corona Del Mar

So glad you joined me for a walk through charming Corona Del Mar - Spanish for "Crown of the Sea". First things first. Put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes and be sure to bring a camera. There will be many beautiful moments you will need to capture on our walk together. Along the way be sure keep a look out for all of our Corona Del Mar rentals.

Let's meet at Rose Bakery Cafe for some delicious coffee and their famous irresistable baked goods. Can you hear my stomach growling? While you decide what to order, I must order an Apple Fritter...it's my weakness. Having trouble selecting something? Let's order a few things and share. Now we're good to go!


We're going to turn down Goldenrod Aveune. As we walk, admire the beautiful landscaping and the stunning architecture of the houses and be sure to stop and smell the roses (Literally!) This will take you right to the beginning of the Goldenrod Footbridge where we will walk along to get to the other side of the neighborhood. The 6 foot wide bridge is 243 feet long and cost $10,884 to complete. This historic landmark was built in 1928 during a time when only 2,000 people in Newport Beach TOTAL. Imagine that. 


On the other side of the bridge we'll continue our walk through the adorable streets of CDM. Like what you see? You're in luck because Newport Beach Vacation Properties' has an inventory of a bunch of amazing beach house right here in Corona Del Mar. Check out our Corona Del Mar properties. Pick out your favorite one and start planning your next dream vacation.

Now we're approaching Look Out Point. This is one of the most amazing viewing spots in Newport Beach so it's time to take out your camera. Go ahead. Snap away. This picturesque point offers expansive views of the Peninsula and the world famous surf spot, The Wedge. We're lucky there's not a cloud in the sky today because if you look far out in front of us you can see Catalina Island. 


Now, follow me down these stairs and let the sand tickle your toes. As you can see there are many bonfire pits perfect for a daytime picnic or a night of relaxing and making delicious smores. Let's walk down to the crystal clear water, dip our toes in, and breathe in the refreshing salty ocean air. Our walking tour ends here, but feel free to take a beach walk, look for crabs and little sea life in the tide pools, or join me as I relax on the beach. Check out our Corona Del Mar rentals.

Published on Friday, September 23, 2016