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Anaheim Approves Short Term Rental Ban So Come Stay In Newport Beach

On Wednesday June 28th, major change took place for the vacation rental industry in Anaheim, California. Years of heated debates are behind the Anaheim council's decision to ban short term vacation rentals. All vacation rentals will be forced start phasing out and will be completely obsolete within 18 months. This comes as a victory for some and a huge disappointment for others. Disneyland is a huge tourist attraction and Anaheim will no longer be able to offer rentals. If you're intersted in finding a Disneyland vacation rental rest assured Newport Beach Vacation Rentals will not be affected by this ban and offers an assortment of amazing Disneyland vacation rentals.

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Residents and vacation rental owners have been at odds over the short term vacation rental debacle for years. Vacation rental owners feel they have made investments in Anaheim and should have the right to rent their property's out. These owners have renovated properties to make them look bigger and better than ever before and have transformed abandoned and dilapidated homes into beautiful estates. The argue that their improvements have made neighborhoods more desirable and help drive up all home prices. They also believe that they've helped the tourism industry in Anaheim and incresed revenue for the city.

The residents of Anaheim feel that these short term vacation rentals are disrupting their daily lives. Residents reject the economic sharing model that is so apart of life now a days like Homeaway, AirBnB, Uber etc. They want out immediately and have called upon Anaheim's council for a change. Residents cite that short term vacation rentals are the cause of increased crime, littering, noise disturbances, and an overall decrease of quality of life. The Anaheim City Council has heard the people's concerns and has voted in favor of the residents to ban short term vacation rentals.

Disneyland Vacation Rentals

Disneyland is still one of the greatest tourist attractions and one of the most memorable family trips. Newport Beach Vacation Rentals has an inventory of Disneyland vacation rentals that gives you the best of both worlds. Come stay in Newport Beach where you have easy access to Disneyland and also get front row seats to the BEACH! Take a short drive from Newport Beach up to Anaheim and come home after a long day at Disneyland to your beachfront vacation rental and kick back and relax.

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Published on Friday, October 13, 2017