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How To Sell Your Home For Over Asking Price


Making the decision to put your home up for sale is a big decision and it's no secret that everyone hopes to receive BIG offers as well. Selling your home for over your original asking price is far from luck, and the Orange County real estate experts, Balboa Realty, are here to offer your some tips. We've analyzed the tried and true methods and found strategies that actually work to start bidding wars and make people want to pay more for your house than what you even thought was imaginable. 

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Start Low

One of the most successful tactics to start a bidding war and in turn drive your home's price tag through the roof is to list it under value. We know this sounds worrisome, but pricing your house anywhere from 5% - 10% under the market rate is key. The discount price of your house will create a buzz and attract a larger people to come see your home than if you listed it a higher price. People will see this deal and want to jump on making an offer, and when there's multiple people making offers a bidding war begins. Before you know it you will have multiple offers way above the original asking price. 

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Practice Patience

When it comes to selling a house, it's quite common to want to immediately accept an offer as soon as you receive one. We understand this urgency, but holding back a little and waiting for more offers to come in will prove to be fruitful. To create some competition, you can let the potential buyers know that there are multiple offers on the table. You can then evaluate all of the offers and decide which one is best for you in the long run.

Why Your House? 

You may think that the home your selling is the very best, but in a concentrated market it's essential to stand out. When people come through to view your home be sure to point out unique features about the house and why it's so special. You can also go above and beyond and do a few home improvements to make it stand out against all of the other homes for sale. It's true, any sort of renovation will cost you money, but often it is completely worth it. Projects like giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, upgrading the appliances, or freshening up your landscape can be the reasons you'll end up with a bigger profit in the end.  

Published on Thursday, October 5, 2017