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3 Negotiation Tactics To Avoid When Buying a Home


After you've found the house of your dreams, making an offer is the next step in the process of buying a home. You want to create an honest and positive relationship with the owner and agent of the home if you're serious about buying it, and it's not worth it to get on their bad side. Don't make these common three mistakes when you're in the negotiating stages of buying a home. If you do, you may just risk it all.

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Offering Too Low

Everyone loves a deal and no one wants to pay over price for pretty much anything especially when it comes to buying a new house. The old real estate books often tell sellers not to start too high when making an offer for fear of paying too much, but if you go too low sellers will quickly see this and be turned off. The seller likely won't change their asking price at all in their counter offer.

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Renegotiate Your Offer 

Whatever offer you make, expect that is the number you will pay. Once you are under contract, don't expect to renegotiate your offer based upon other factors such as the home inspection or home issues. This could end up completely backfiring and hurting your chances of getting the home. If the seller brings up negotiating then go ahead and discuss, but you don't want the entire sale to fall through.

Ask For Too Much

In many circumstance in life, asking for too much doesn't bode well. When you're in the negotiating stages of buying a home, you never want to come off as greedy. Sellers are often open to throwing in some extras such as giving you a new dishwasher or keeping the dining room furniture with the house, but you shouldn't request everything. Don't jeopardize your chance of getting the home of your dreams for a few extra items. 

Published on Friday, November 10, 2017