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How to Host a Holiday Party in Your Home


Tis the season for celebration in Newport Beach. This holidays are right around the corner so it’s time to prepare - oh how time flies! Newport Beach Vacation Properties has an inventory of incredible Orange County vacation rentals and our expert team can help you find the perfect vacation rental for you to host your holiday get together. Invite friends, family, and neighbors into your vacation home and celebrate. Newport Beach Vacation Properties has rounded up some tips and tricks to keep you stress free all holiday season long.    

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Space Savers

Chances are space is limited in your vacation rental, so you'll want to take advantage of every inch of space you have. Even if you have ample space, you will want to keep the party contained and decide which rooms are open for guests. Get creative and turn your living room, dining room and kitchen into functionable rooms for all of the people attending. If large furniture pieces are in the way then go ahead and move them. Bring chairs and seating options in from other rooms so people are comfortable. Take advantage of all counter tops and flat surfaces and instead of flat trays, use vertial tiered trays to serve food on giving you more counter space. 


Plan Ahead

When it comes to planning out the menu - don't procrastinate. Give yourself time, think about your guests who are coming and plan a nice tasty menu that will suit everyone. If someone has dietary restrictions, talk to them and figure out what they can and cannot eat, and figure out how to accomdate them. While on vacation in Newport Beach you'll want to enjoy it and not spend you're entire time in the kitchen. You can also make it more of a potluck and ask guests to bring appetizers, salads and desserts to make it a lot easier on you. If cooking just isn't your thing, there's no shame in ordering food from one of the many restaurants and grocery stores in Newport Beach such as Whole Foods or Bristol Farms.

Perks of Hosting in a Newport Beach Vacation Rental 

Use your vacation rental to host a Christmas brunch, a Hanukkah dinner, or a New Year's Eve happy hour in the comfort of your own Newport Beach vacation rental. One of the many perks of hosting the holidays in your very own Newport Beach vacation rental is that the cupboards and fridge are clean and not cluttered. You don't need to spend hours throwing out old food and making space for all of your party supplies and food. Your vacation rental also comes equipped with silverware, glasses, plates and everything you would have in the comfort of your own home. Another selling point of Newport Beach is it's natural beauty and prime location. After a big brunch or dinner, gather friends and family and go for a walk along the beach or stroll the flower lined neighborhood streets.

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Published on Friday, December 15, 2017