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Disney and the Beach


What’s better than a vacation in Disneyland? Visiting Disneyland while vacationing at the beach! Disneyland sits in Newport Beach’s back yard. So why limit yourself to one vacation when you can have two, the beach and Disney! Here’s a couple of reasons why you should plan a visit soon. 

March 10th through April 16th, Disney California presents Adventure Food and Wine Festival! Enjoy delicious cuisine, beverages and special foodie events. In the Kitchen event will have you licking your lips as celebrity chefs prepare and serve signature dishes. Sweet Sundays will give you lots of great baking tips while sampling the candied creation!

Winemaker Dinners provide three nights of gourmet wine pairing meals! A four course meal perfectly paired with selected wines from California vintners. Tasting note and descriptions will provide insight on how certain dishes can bring out flavors in the wines.

Craft Beer Dinners will pair selected beers with a specialty menu created by the Disney culinary team. Brewmasters will present each beer along with a description of the chef’s vision for pairing. Celebrate the art of brewing with this two night event! 

After a day at Disney you’re ready to relax and unwind at the beach. Step out of your Newport Beach Vacation Rental ocean front condo and sink your toes in the sand. Sit back in your beach chair with a good book and plenty of time. Disney and the Beach pair perfectly together.  

Published on Monday, February 27, 2017