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How To Rent Out Your House and Make Some Serious Money

There are many reasons to consider renting out your house to earn some extra income. The Orange County rental market is hot and has proved to bring owners significant rewards. The rental market has been on an upward trend for the past 10 years which is a great sign. People from all of the United States and the world love coming to beautiful Newport Beach for a vacation of a lifetime or are looking for a long term rental and a rental home offers them just what they are looking for and more! Many homeowners are on board with the idea of renting out their house but don't know where to begin. Rest assured that's where Balboa Realty steps in and we'll walk you down the rental road.

Pick a Property Management Company

Finding a property management company to manage your rental and deal with everything from finding you tenants to collecting monthly rent will save you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. Picking a company that you can be honest with and ultimately trust 100% is key. It's important to find one that has years of experience in the property management field and will know what's best for you and your rental. You will quickly realize that the small fee that you pay for their service will quickly be worth it. Balboa Realty is known for being the Orange County property management guru and is committed to giving you all star service.

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Prepare Your Rental

Are you in search of buying an income property? Selecting a property to be your future rental is a huge decision and it's important to have the advice from the Balboa Realty real estate experts. We know what to look for in a property and will work to find you a stellar deal so that you can start renting it out and earning money ASAP. Once you have purchased an income property or maybe you already have one you want to rent out you must get it ready to be rented it. Be sure to go through the house and make sure everything from the pipes to the lights to the appliances are in good condition and are functioning properly. Also, remove anything extremely expensive and sentimental from the house. Remember that this is your house, but visitors will be using it and normal wear and tear does happen over time. 

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Find Tenants & Determine The Rent

Balboa Realty is well versed in the Orange County real estate market. We know exactly how to market your rental and how much to ask for in rent. We have a standard process of finding and screening potential tenants your home and we do this by reviewing all applicants credit history, income, employment history, and past landlord references. Our Balboa Realty team works to cover your monthly mortgage, insurance, and tax payments so much so that you're left with extra income for your own personal use.

Published on Thursday, March 16, 2017