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3 Reasons Why Summer is the Hottest Season to Buy a New House


If you have been thinking about buying a new house, seriously consider this summer as the time to pull the real estate trigger. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the For Sale signs that are popping up around town. You might not be aware, but summer is the best time of year to buy a new house and there are many advantages. It’s actually the most popular time of year to buy and sell a home, and instead of staying away from the summer crowds this is one crowd you’ll want to join! Take full advantage of the summer inventory and learn about buyers advantage. Balboa Realty, the leaders in Orange County real estate and property management are here to give you the best real estate advice and tips. Don’t wait for the market to cool to buy a house…now is the time!

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Larger Inventory  

The summertime offer a marketplace fully stocked with houses of all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and prices. You will have many different types of homes to choose from so you can really find the home of your dreams. Searching from a home to buy in the summer guarantees that you are more likely to find the house that checks off all of your “wants” on your checklist such as gated community, backyard pool, rooftop patio, and school district. New properties will pop up every week so you will have new properties constantly flooding the market giving you a large inventory to pick from.


Prices Are Fair

Don’t be turned off by the heat of the competition of the summer marketplace. Some people believe that homes in the winter sell for less than in the summer, but we’re here to debunk this myth. With so many homes for sale, the prices of homes aren’t overly inflated. When there are a lot of homes for sale, this is often in the favor of the buyer when it comes to negotiating the price. Sellers are competing against each other to sell their homes so this creates fair competitive prices and you can sometimes score a real deal. 

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Class Dismissed

This next summer buying advantage has to do with family dynamics. When school is out for the summer, kids have more time to go to the open houses which is very important for parents who want the kids to like their new home and feel involved in the home buying process. A move during the school year can be upsetting and disruptive to a child’s schedule so it’s often wise to move during the summer (if you can control this). Seller’s who have kids too often want to sell their home by the end of the summer and are motivated to do so sometimes even open to a price negotiation.    

Published on Wednesday, June 28, 2017