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What You Need To Buy For Your First Apartment


You’ve just signed the lease for your first apartment and you’re ready to move in. This new found independence is super exciting, but it can be overwhelming especially when it comes to buying all of your apartment supplies. To keep you sane and to help you figure out what to buy for your new home, try making two lists of items you need immediately and items you would like to have but can live without. We know moving can be expensive so keeping budget in mind is key so you don’t blow through all of your money by the first month. Take it one step at a time and you will have a rental you love calling home in no time. Here at Balboa Realty, we take you through each section of the house to discuss important items to have on your “Buy Now” list.

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  • Mattress, Pillow & Comforter
  • End Table
  • Dresser 


Bedroom furniture can quickly rack up a large expensive bill. You do spend hours each night in your bed, so most importantly, make sure to get a comfortable mattress, but the fancy bed frame might have to wait. You can always check craigslist and other furniture warehouses for sales. You will likely move again in the near future, so investing in a brand new expensive bedroom set isn’t financially smart. Having one end table with drawers gives you a place to store your phone, keys, books, and other personal items. Sometimes rooms don’t have closets, so look into buying a dresser for your clothes. This will help keep your clothes organized and off of the floor of your room. 


  • Toilet Paper
  • Essential Toiletries  
  • Towels
  • Bathroom Cleaner & Plunger 

There are a million odds and ends when it comes to stocking a bathroom. Start by sticking to the basics so that you are comfortable and have all of your necessities such as hand soap, body soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc. Everyone has their own bathroom routines and rituals so clearly decide what you need day to day and what types of items can wait for later.


  • Silverware
  • Dishware
  • Mugs and Glasses 
  • 1 pot & 1 pan
  • Tea Kettle
  • Strainer
  • Kitchen Towels 
  • Brita (water purifier)

Think through your day routines from when you get up in the morning to when you go to bed at night. This will help you notice the things that you will need for your new home. Having the essentials is key and then you can slowly get the appliances as you find you really need them. Starting without a bunch of appliances you rarely use helps you declutter your house and figure out what you really need and use on a regular basis. There are so many fancy gadgets you can buy for your kitchen, but most of them will end up sitting in your cabinets. If cooking is a big part of your life you might need more kitchen items (or you might already own them). Space is usually precious in apartments so you want to make sure whatever you buy is worth both the money and the space.


Living Room/Dining Room

  • Couch
  • TV  
  • Dinner Table
  • Paper Towels
  • Cleaning Products 
  • Laundry Detergent

The couch is the most important item in your living room and for many people it serves as a dinner table as well. Finding one that is comfortable is important, but check out warehouses and sales to find a bargain in your budget. If you opt to mount your TV on the wall you will not only save space but won’t have to buy a piece of furniture to set it on. Waiting to buy wall art and decorations will also save you money in the beginning. There’s no big rush to make your house look absolutely perfect so save up for your dream items and slowly you’ll get there.  

Published on Friday, July 14, 2017