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4 Apartment Changes That Could Cost You Your Security Deposit


When you move into your new apartment there will undoubtedly be things you'll want to change and improve. Before starting a big expensive home improvement project, be sure to be in contact with your landlord so that you're always on the same page. If you make an unapproved change you might end up losing a lot of your security deposit if it costs the property management company to change it back. Balboa Realty, the leaders in Orange County property management break it down for you. If you don't want to sacrifice your entire security deposit when it comes time to move out, don't make these 4 apartment upgrade mistakes.

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The television is often the most prized possession in a household and becomes the focal point. Instead of drilling holes in the wall to hang your T.V. use a T.V. stand. This stand can be a small table that doesn't take up much room, or you can find a bigger piece of furniture and use it for storage. The best part is when you move out you won't have to worry about paying for making holes in the wall.  

Although accent walls, wallpaper, and colorful walls are trendy right now, not all property management companies feel the same way. Neutral wall colors may be a bit boring but they are the best because they go with everything and will please all tenants. Rethink the bright blue walls and keep in mind repainting and taking off wallpaper is a long expensive process and can run you quite the bill. 


One of the best tricks to dress up your bland wall colors is with some fun colorful paintings and artwork. Drilling holes into the wall might not be the best idea when it comes to hanging up your wall art. Avoid putting holes in the drywall by using command strips which will do just as good of a job as nails. Your property management company will be responsible for filling the drywall holes in and fixing the walls which will end up costing you money.

Before investing your money into brand new applicances for your rental, check with your property management company to see what is approved. If you find an appliance you simply can't live without and your property management company doesn't approve the change, be sure to keep the old appliance and switch it before you move out. Also, if the current appliances in your apartment are broken or extremely out of date, you might be able to work with the property management to see if the owner will replace them and cover this expense.

Published on Friday, August 11, 2017