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Natural Ways To Kill Weeds in Your Yard


The one thing that can put a damper on your summertime gardening and landscaping is weeds. These unwanted little pests can become a serious issue that you’ll want to clear up in the beginning and then dedicate a little time to maintaining them all year round. When it comes to killing weeds, many people want to avoid toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to humans and also harsh on the environment. Balboa Realty, the leaders in Orange County property management is here to provide you a natural and effective solution to keep the weeds out of your backyard and your plants looking beautiful.

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Although herbicides and pesticides have been around for years, there is a serious risk associated with using them especially in a concentrated form. A much better and safe route to take is finding an eco friendly weed killing solution. Not all natural techniques are created equal so we’ve outlined the tried and true natural ones to try. 

For this one, you’ll have to get to the root of the problem…literally. When you spot weeds in your yard you might feel determined to get rid of them immediately. It’s common for many people to think pull them out as fast as possible or cut them with scissors are the best bet for removal. Although this temporarily cures the problem, you’ll want to grab hold of the weed and pull it up slowly and make sure you are removing the entire root system. This will remove it entirely and ensure that it won’t grow back immediately. 

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The next idea is to change your current watering method to one that the weeds hate. This means give the areas that have weeds a deep, heavy watering only once a week instead of frequent small drinks of water. Lawns normally only need about 1 inch of water each week so be consistent with this method and weeds will have difficulty growing in these conditions.  

Make the weeds go away and stay away with a simple, but super effective method called “crowding out the weeds.” Keeping your lawn healthy all year round prevents disaster from striking. When your lawn is growing strong, weeds won’t have room to grow. Mowing your lawn regularly, keeping the mower blade sharp, and following proper watering techniques will ensure that your grass will be healthy, happy, and weed free. 

When your it comes to cutting your lawn this task might sound simple, but just like with anything, it’s important to do it right. Some people think cutting the grass super short is the best idea because then it will take longer to grow back, but this in’t the best technique. Weeds actaully love when the grass is very short and they find these conditions the ones they want to grow in. The best practice is to cut your grass only 1/3 shorter at a time. 

Published on Monday, August 7, 2017