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4 Times to Visit a Home Before You Buy It

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The process of buying a new home can be long and tedious, but it's important to do your research so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into before you commit. When you find a home you really like and are interested in purchasing you not only want to look inside the home, but also take a look at the bigger picture. Think about your current lifestyle and how it would be living in this new house and new neighborhood day to day. Check out your potential new home at different times of day and you'll get a good feel of what life would actually be like.

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Commute to Work

The time it takes to get to work and home from work each day is a critical factor when deciding where to live. Test this out by driving over to your potential new home and drive to work during the hours that you would actually go to work at. Keep your eyes open for any difficult turns, long lights, school zones, and if there is a lot of traffic. This will be an accurate test to see if this is a commute that you would be comfortable doing everyday.

School Location

If you have children or are planning to have children, the school district and the location of your home to the school is important. Ask yourself, do you want your kids to be able to walk to school? Is it safe for them to walk to school? If the school is close to your new home, see if this causes a lot of traffic and congestion which could potential slow your commute to work down. If the main streets are clogged with cars, check out side streets to avoid the traffic and make your commute quicker.


Talk to the Neighbors

The people who currently live on the street or in your new neighborhood are the keepers of very valuable information. Make friends with the neighbors and ask them any questions you may have because they'll answer honestly. Many of them have probably they've lived there for a while so they'll know the inside scoop. They can inform you about the neighborhood culture, the rules, parking restrictions etc. They will also give you the run down about barking dogs, loud people on the street, and the overall level of safety.

Neighborhood Culture

Every neighborhood has it's own unique flavor and culture. Ask your real estate agent or the locals about what the neighborhood is known for. Knowing that there are street summer BBQs, a yearly Easter egg hunt, and neighborhood block parties might make you realize this is definitely the home for you. Knowing what's inside the house is essential, but it's the small extra details that will give you valuable information about what your life would really be like.

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Published on Friday, September 22, 2017