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5 Natural Tips To Make The Outdoor Bugs Go Away


When you're enjoying your time outside in your backyard, the last thing you want to deal with is pesky bugs flying in your face and biting your skin. With warm temperatures in Orange County for the majority of the year, bug problems are not just a summertime issues. Dousing yourself with DEET might do the trick, but using it could have harmful effects and both yourself, the bugs and the environment. Skip this chemical based method and opt in for a more natural alternative. Whether it's bees, bugs, mosquitoes, or flies, Balboa Realty has natural ways to make bugs disappear and make your outdoor an annoyance free oasis.  

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Essential Oils

Lemon eucalyptus oil has been a tried and true method to repel bugs since the 1940's so why change a good thing? Citronella is another super effective essential oil that has proven to work against mosquitoes. Scientists agree that you must a version of this oil that doesn't immediately evaporate off your skin, but when formulated properly it works just as well as the chemical alternative DEET. Other oils that are effective in repelling bugs are lavendar, tea tree, thyme, cinnamon, and Greek catnip oil. 

Standing Water 

Take a look at your backyard and notice if there are any patches or areas of standing water. Insects are drawn to damp areas where water is still and when you remove them, you will notice a significant difference in the amount of bugs in your yard. Even bird baths that are filled with water should be changed daily to prevent the attraction of bugs and flies.



Although roses are undoubtedly gorgeous and are many people's favorite flowers, they come with a catch - roses attract bugs. Don't worry, we're not suggesting that you get rid of your roses all together, but plant them as far away from where you will be lounging as possible. There are plenty of other beautiful plant replacements such as marigolds and herbs like oregano and rosemary that will natural ward off bugs.

Use Candles

Have you ever noticed when you turn on lights bugs always fly towards them and flutter around them all night? Yes it's true, bugs are attracted to lights. If your outdoor living area is a perfect place to relax after the sun goes down, we recommed lighting candles instead of turning on lightblubs. This not only makes for a much more romantic atmosphere, but it also will help keep the flies away.


This advice might sound a little strange, but trust us it actually works! Bugs, bees and flies hate vinegar so putting some in a bowl will keep them from joining your party. This might not work for everyday if the smell bothers you as well, but if you put it far enough away this might be a winning tip for you and your backyard.

Published on Friday, September 29, 2017