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Use Eco Friendly Materials Inside Your Home


In today's day in age going green is all the rage. You too can do your part and help save the planet by incorporating environmentally friendly elements in your house. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to transform your whole entire house and just go green slowly and do a little at a time. Have the home of your dreams all while helping planet Earth. With Balboa Realty's help you can be environmentally conscience with a few different home improvement ideas.

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When you think of painting the walls in your house one of the biggest complaints is the strong smell that can stick up your home for months. This smell is caused from VOCs which are volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde which can cause serious health problems like cancer and respiratory issues. In the beginning of your search look for paints that have a low VOC level. Vegetable based paints, milk paints, and recycled paints are a smart option because they leave a small eco footprint and won't smell up your whole house. Check out Benjamin Moore for a great selection of low VOC paint with many different colors options.


When it comes to the floors of your home there are a variety of eco friendly options. If you like the look of wood floors, take some time to find reclaimed lumber or old barn wood which can be a gorgeous home addition. There is also smart wood and Forest Stewardship Council approved wood as other great wood options too. Some interesting alternatives to wood flooring are bamboo, natural cork, limestone, recycled rubber, natural linoleum, and wood flour. These types of floors are different and can add texture to the room it's in. If you are into softer flooring, try rugs with natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool instead of fitted synthetic versions. Rugs with natural grasses like sea grass, hemp and canes aren't as cozy as soft cotton rugs, but they do offer beautiful texture.


When it comes to choosing the best countertops for your home there are plenty of amazing enviromental options. Marble, granite and other stone counters are one of the most popular trends currently and if you pick one of these be sure to use a water based VOC free spray refinisher instead of varnishes and sealants that are filled with toxic chemicals that contain PVC. Other eco friendly options are using beautiful solid wood that are from reclaimed wood sources or are from responsibly managed forests. If you have a moden vibe in your home, consider concrete or stainless steel that is used from recycled goods for your counters.


Published on Friday, September 1, 2017