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Building Trust as Property Managers


Building trust is an important part of growing a prop­erty management company. This applies to having a trusting relationship with employees, owners and tenants. How do you build trust? What are the steps involved in building trust? My mind goes back to this past summer when I had decided that "Toys are good." I was going to be 59 years old soon, and I wanted a toy for my birthday. For most of my adult life I had worked hard, raised two daughters by myself and had never really had a toy. It was time to get a toy! I asked my husband to give me an education on ATV's (all terrain vehicles). We live on 30 acres with our closest neighbor being two miles away. We have the perfect place for me to play with my soon-to-be new toy.

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We went to the local dealership to look at used and new ATV's. We needed four-wheel drive, electric start, 400 cc and good tires. We found one that was acceptable but it was camouflage! I am sorry but my new toy was not going to be camouflage! We left the store and I decided to go to the next town and see what they had in stock. My husband went to Hiawassee to do all of his errands. As I was driving towards Murphy, I remembered that the week before, I had seen a yellow ATV in front of Darin Bender's office but noticed that it wasn't there anymore. I called Darin and asked him about it so I could gather more product knowledge. He said it had all the things the one in the store had and more. He had sold it but the guy never came to get it. I said "Sold! I am on my way. Don't sell it."  

Now, what in the world does all of this have to do with building trust? I am buying a toy that I have not even driven, much less looked at. Why would I do something like that? When we moved from Tennessee to Georgia, Darin was our real estate agent. He sold us our house. He listed it when we decided to build. Darin and I have known each other for 14 years. He has seen me go from being the owner of two Subway franchises to a real estate broker to a property manager. I have seen him go from an average real estate agent, to an agent that sells over $23 million a year in a com­munity of 10,000 people, to opening up his own real estate company. I know and trust Darin. How did it happen? 


He listened from the very beginning to what our needs and wants were. He followed through on contract to closing. He called or sent us mail between sales. He still does it, even though he knows that I am an agent as well. He has never lied to me. We have become professional friends. I bought the ATV without even driving it. I did not need to drive it. Darin said that he had only driven it 26 hours and had maintained it. It even had a 2500 pound winch on it. What more could I ask for? We built a trusting relationship through the years. He followed the law and represented me. He fol­lowed the golden rule and he was ethical. This can easily be done with our employees, owners and ten­ants. The story does not end here though! I bring the ATV home and my little cocker spaniel named Keeper did not like the loud noise coming from the ATV. She barked and carried on like a nut. I got her to come toward the ATV when the engine wasn't running. I had her sit on the ATV when the engine wasn't running. Then I got her to jump up on it when the engine wasn't running. You do know where this is going, don't you? She now rides with me on the ATY. It is amazing what can be accomplished by building trust.

The definition of trust is "a shared belief that you can depend on each other to achieve a common pur­pose." Accomplish this the NARPM® way:  

N ever lie. 

A bide by all laws.  

R epresent the prospect/owner/tenant.

P ractice the golden rule.

M anage with pride and ethics.  

Lynda Farren, RMP®  
CCIM is the broker/owner of Mountain Manager & Associates in Hiawassee, Georgia Lynda has been a broker for 30 years and began her company four years ago when she saw the need for quality property management in the North Carolina/ North Georgia Mountains. Lynda has been a member of NARPM® since 2004. She has been active in the Atlanta Chapter and is currently serving as vice president. She believes in NARPM® and drives two and a half hours each way to attend monthly NARPM® meetings. She is married with two grown children and nine grandchildren.  

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Published on Friday, March 16, 2018