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5 Important Groups of People to Update When You're Moving


As moving day approaches, there are many important items on your to-do list. When you move, many people will want to know and it’s going to make your life a lot easier if you let them know ahead of time or at least as soon as your make it to your new home. Remember to notify these people and organizations to ensure a smooth move, to keep your stress levels down and so you can completely enjoy your new living arrangements! 

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1. The DMV & IRS

Although, both of these organizations often cause not just headaches, but migraines, do yourself a favor and let them know you are moving. If you’re moving in-state this won’t be as complicated for the DMV and most things can be filed online. If you are moving out of state you’ll need to file a change of address, update your car registration, apply for a new driver's license and make that dreaded DMV appointment. Having an accurate drivers license will also ensure that you can vote in all upcoming elections. For the IRS, just file a change of address to let them know your new address and you should be good to go. Luckily, your new home will all be worth it. 


2. Your Employer 

Moving for a new job is a very common reason to move, or maybe you are relocating but keeping the same job. Either way, you cannot forget to make sure your old or current employer takes note of your new address. This is especially important come tax season when you need all of those documents to be sent to the correct address. You wouldn’t want those tax forms with your personal information floating around without your knowledge. 

3. The Post Office

The last thing you’d want is for something important to get lost in the mail, so go online and change your official mailing address. The best part about this is that it only costs $1! Also, contact any services you subscribe to such as magazines, newspapers, beauty boxes etc. so that everything makes it to you on time. 

4. Bills, Bills, Bills

Even though you made a big move you can’t run from those monthly bills. Unfortunately, they will find you. Make it easy on yourself and file a change of address for all of your utilities, phone, cable, internet, medical insurance/bills, home insurance, any government programs and financial institutions. It’s imperative that you still make your payments on time and that your private information stays private and doesn’t end up in the hands of a stranger. 


5. Family & Friends 

Last but certainly not least is letting your circle of people know of this big life change. Chances are you’ve consulted with them already about your new house and sent them pictures of your new master bedroom, but just in case you might want to create a list and reach out to them personally. You can do a social media post to reach a bunch of people, but sometimes picking up the phone and calling or texting your closest relatives and best friends is the best way to go about it. They’ll appreciate them time you spent to contact them and they’ll want to know your new address (maybe to send you a house warming gift!).

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Published on Friday, July 13, 2018