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Enjoy a Private Duffy Boat Excursion in Newport Harbor


During these uncertain times, it can be difficult to find new and exciting things to do. You've already watched everything on Netflix and the warm Newport weather has you itching to get outside. One of the many amazing things about Newport Beach is that you can still get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while still practicing social distancing. The good news is our Newport Beach vacation rentals are open and ready when you are! A change of scenery might be just what you and your family needs and we are excited to host your next trip. There are so many ways to explore the great outdoors in Newport Beach. One of the best social distancing solutions is to rent a duffy boat during your next Newport Beach vacation.  

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How to Rent a Duffy During Covid General Social Distancing Guidelines

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, social/physical distancing refers to keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. It's important to stay at least 6 feet from other people, avoid crowded areas, and avoid gathering in large groups. Renting a duffy boat and cruising around Newport Harbor is a safe and great way to soak up the sunshine and fresh air in your own private boat. Due to the current situation, there are some enhanced safety mesaures when renting a duffy boat and these are subject to change based on the current circumstances.

  • Duffy Boat Rentals is offering a very limited number of rentals daily
  • Reservations Required – NO WALK-INS. 
  • 8 people maximum per boat.
  • Customers will be required to wear facemasks while in contact with employees (may take it off when out on the water).
  • Retail office is closed for merchandise sales – only item available for purchase is the rental itself. 
  • Reusable ice buckets will not be available, but we can still offer ice if you bring your own cooler.
  • No hanging out upon returning from the boat.

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A Duffy Boat - Your Social Distancing Solution

So what exactly is a Duffy boat you ask? Great question. A Duffy boat is a small electric boat that is quite common in Newport Beach. It holds about 8 people and only goes 5 miles per hour which is the perfect speed for taking in all of the harbor views. There are plastic window enclosures that you can choose to zip up on cooler days or unzip on warmer ones. All Duffy boats come equipped with CD players and MP3 connections so you can either bring your own jams or play them off of your phone. There is the option to rent Duffy’s by the hour or by the day. Many people find that you can see everything in a few hours, but if you want to hop on and off the Duffy you may opt for a full day rental. Because this is a super popular activity for both locals and tourists alike, it’s best to reserve a Duffy in advance. As long as you are 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license you are able to be a captain of a Duffy and give yourself a private tour. Rent a duffy during your next Newport Beach vacation! This can be a romantic date, a fun friend get together or a whole family affair. Jump aboard and explore Newport beach by Duffy boat!  

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The Sights of Newport Harbor

Morning, afternoon and evening, there’s plenty of things to see in Newport Harbor from your Duffy. You can start by giving yourself a history lesson and admire the old Balboa Pavilion which was originally built in the early 1900’s as a social gathering spot for the elite. This was a true icon of the Golden Age. Next up on the “sights to see” list is the famous Balboa Fun Zone. This is fun for all ages, but if you have children it’s a must that you get off and check it out. There are arcade games, a ferris wheel, street food, and the Balboa Candy shop! In addition to the historic sites, feast your eyes on the mega yachts, sailboats and mansions surrounding you. It’s hard not to stare! If you’re into more of the natural wonders of life, as you putt around in your Duffy, keep your eyes open for all kids of marine life such as seals, dolphins sea lions, fish, sharks, and even whales! As the sun starts to go down, feel lucky as one of the very best places to view a sunset is from your own private Duffy boat.   

Published on Thursday, May 21, 2020