Take a bike ride on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach

Bike riding around Newport Beach is one of the best ways to get around. Not only does it save you the stress of trying to find a parking space, but it's great exercise and fun to cruise along the oceanfront. Many of our Newport Beach vacation rentals have bikes for you to use or you can rent bikes at 20th Street Bikes on Balboa Peninsula or get your bikes delivered by South Coast Bicycle Rentals. Ready for a bike tour? Let's go!

Hop on your bike and meet me at Alta Coffee, my very favorite place to start my day. Their omelettes are to die for and their organic coffee is like dessert. In the mood for an acai bowl? Check out Porrovita Juice Bar. As we start our bike trip we'll make our way across West Balboa Blvd and down Oceanfront. Let's take a right and cruise along the boardwalk bike lanes and take in the gorgeous oceanfront view. The sweet salty air is so refreshing and hearing the waves crashing in the background is as theraputic as it gets. Oceanfront eventually turns into Seashore Drive and we'll continue all the way until it ends at the Santa Ana River. Look around. Notice the kids flying kites, the dogs running free, and the surfers in the ocean. Take a dip youself if you want!

After a nice long break let's hop back on our bikes and cruise back along the same road we came on. The similar ocean view never gets old and it's fun to watch all the groups of friends playing volleyball and enjoying their afternoons at the beach. As our journey continues the numbered streets turn into lettered streets which means we are getting closer to the other end of Balboa Peninsula. Let's park our bikes at Peninsula Park and walk down to Balboa Pier. This pier is a popular fishing spot and at the very end of proud stands Ruby's Diner. Open since 1980, they are known for their famous mouth-watering milkshakes and it's a tradition to treat yourslef! 

Back on our bikes let's ride down to the end of Balboa Peninsula. You'll notice we're getting closer when the numbered streets like 42nd street turn into lettered streets like "C" street. The very end of the Peninsula is home to The Wedge, the famous surf spot that can produce huge waves up to 30 feet. Our trip will end here and you can join the locals and tourists who frequently come to watch the surfers. Watch in pure amazement as the pros brave the surf storm and ride wave after wave with such grace and strength. Today is just another reason why Newport Beach is the most glorious place on earth!

Published on Wednesday, March 10, 2021