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Another Year in the Books at the OC Fair



This year marks the 126th Annual OC Fair and the festivities wrapped up this past Sunday. This summer's OC Fair was even more successful than last year's due to the beautiful sunny weather, and organizational changes to the ground's layout, additional seating with covered shaded areas, improved foot paths, and increased security. All summer long guests frequented the fair to try the craziest foods like french toast bacon bombs, Lord of the Rings hot dog, and a bacon wrapped baked potato. "Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped pickles at Chicken Charlies. ... I live for those. I should know. I'm a chef," said food artist Ray Duey. These mouthwatering treats are must-tries and will make your OC fair expereince that much better. In addition to the unique food, put your skills to the test and play fun carnival games with the chance to win giant stuffed animal prizes. Get the adrenalin flowing and test your limits on the crazy rides like Mega Drop, Sky Ride, Tango and so many more rides for all ages. If rides aren't your thing, watch performances on stage, live concerts, and tour the livestock area with horses, sheep, chickens, goats, and more. 


Kathy Kramer, the CEO of the fair, said she expected attendance this year would exceed last year’s, though final figures wouldn’t be ready until after Sunday. Revenues are up, she added. “We believe, from what we’re hearing, that fairgoers are staying longer and they’re spending more money and really enjoying the fair this year.” Forever memories were made this year at the OC Fair and even more memories will be made each year afterward.