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Tourism Continues to Soar in Newport Beach


Newport Beach isn't just another beach town. It's no coincidence that year after year Newport Beach is rated one of the top places to go on vacation. The beaches, weather and overall luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere reaches near pure perfection and entices people from all over the world. 2016 marked a record breaking year for the Newport Beach travel industry reaching 7.3 million visitors which is up by 4% from 2015. This statistical evidence is more proof why you should plan your trip to Newport Beach today! 

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Tourism is alive and well in Newport Beach these visitors are crucial to the local Newport Beach economy. Last year, visitors spent over 1.2 billion and were responsible for creating more than 16,000 jobs. This influx of visitors is partly due to the fact that Newport Beach is no longer just a destination for people in California, Arizona, and the western part of the United States, but it attracts people from all over the globe. This global market began around 2006 and continues to expand each year. 

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When people come to vacation in Newport Beach they are looking for relaxing beach days, extraordinary shopping and delicious dining options and that's exactly what you'll find. Families often come stay in a Newport Beach vacation rental and use Newport as their base while they take day trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Newport Beach & Company CEO and President Gary C. Sherwin describes Newport Beach as the place where all your dreams come true. “The story we tell visitors is that we are the manifestation of the American Dream. This is what people around the world see as the American Dream. It’s an aspirational quality. When they come here, they get it...People have visions of what California should feel like, and when you come here it’s what you’ve imagined.” This compelling vision is exactly what draws visitors in and keeps them coming back year after year.