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Why Refer Clients to Us?

Hold Onto Your Clients

Sending us a referral doesn't mean you need to stop working with them. We'll be happy to take care of their property management needs and send them back your direction for future sales transactions.

Our Team Will Make You Shine

We'll make a great impression on your customers and make them happy they chose to listen to your advice. This reflects positively on you and your business and helps you to protect your reputation.

Eliminate Your Financial Risks

Take the financial risks off your shoulders by working with us. Instead of advising on complicated housing law matters, let us keep your client compliant. Say goodbye to unnecessary liability.

We'll Pay You for Every Referral

If a client chooses to sign a contract with us, we'll pay you a referral fee. Earn 20% of the first month's rent for new property management clients OR 10% of our fee on lease only services.

How Much Could You Earn? Consider this case study

  • Average Monthly Rent
  • 1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
  • Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions
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